Workshop Facilitation

The challenges faced by CEOs, Leadership Teams, Executives, Boards, Councils, Committees, working groups and project teams are many and varied.


We often find our clients needing an objective facilitator with a fresh perspective who is sensitive to competing stakeholder demands One who can make life easier for business managers and governors by bringing out the best in their people, ensuring available knowledge and  talent is utilised to maximum advantage whatever the business objective or situation may be!  

This often involves bringing people to the table, confirming the big issues and identifying viable solutions and agreed outcomes.

Jeremy Bendall is a highly experienced workshop facilitator with a reputation for delivering on client expectations. He is supported by other senior advisors and our collaborators.

To find out more, contact us for a discussion of how we can help you.

Outcomes sought:

robust decision making

more effective governance & leadership

focused innovation & collaboration

strong risk management & resilience

Greater strategic foresight, growth & sustainability

active learning, health & wellbeing