Business Coaching & Mentoring

A good business coach and mentor can be a real asset to any Small Business, Not for Profit, Charity, or Social enterprise. At an individual level,  business owners, budding entrepreneurs,  business managers , executives, directors, trustees, and Board Chairs can all benefit from a competent business coach & mentor to walk alongside them.


They should expect valuable insights and contributions in terms of skill development , independent guidance and challenge , and access to knowledge and networks that will help them develop and succeed in their business .

Jeremy Bendall and Lynette Ngaheu have both developed considerable expertise in this field over the past 20 years through a wide variety of roles and assignments including :

  • Coaching small business owners (trade and other sectors)
  • Mentoring business managers and executives
  • Mentor for the NZ Olympic Committee Women’s Governance programme
  • Mentoring & coaching students in Small Business management
  • Involvement in business mentoring programmes
  • Acting as a Regional Business Advisor
  • Mentoring a professional boxer to title success
  • Coaching tennis and soccer teams
  • Coaching elite athletes ,sport & fitness students and sports teams to national and international victory ( Lynette)

A number of our collaborators also have extensive experience in specialist fields e.g., Richard Barnett – Life Coach, Sports , Fitness & Wellbeing Coach.

The services we provide take into account the phase of business or organizational development , sector wide issues and your personal aspirations. Broadly , our services and support in this field include :

Coaching & mentoring

Sessions scheduled at agreed times / cycles to help you :

  • Confirm aspirations , values, and goals.
  • Develop confidence , skills sets and resilience.
  • Identify personal strengths and areas for improvement ( characteristics, skills sets   )
  • Track progress against aspirations , goals, and business plans
  • Help identify key risk exposures and necessary risk mitigations.
  • Provide a fresh perspective and independent sounding board.

Start Ups

  • Confirm aspirations , values, and key goals.
  • Develop robust Business Plan ( including  Action plan, KPIs , Cash flow forecast , Year One )
  • Develop Capability and Skill Set plan.

Established Businesses

  • Review progress against goals , plans, and confirm financial position.
  • Identify barriers to business success and key success factors.
  • Develop action plan to address these barriers and succeed.


  • Review status of business from a market , customer , products / service and financial position
  • Confirm expectations for exit / sale including succession and valuation.
  • Develop prioritized action plan for exit / sale.

To find out more, contact us for a discussion of how we can help you.

Outcomes sought:

robust decision making

Strong risk management etc.

Strategic foresight etc.

Active learning , health & wellbeing