Governance Review
and Reform

Many organisations underperform because the governance model is no longer fit for purpose and able to support the strategic direction endorsed by management, directors, and key stakeholders.

In our experience this happens where there is:

  • Change in shareholder and/or stakeholder aspirations or grouping over time;
  • Regulatory change which necessitates a change in the governance model;
  • Poor organizational performance and the current model is clearly a barrier to success;
  • A changing of the guard at the governance, leadership, shareholder or key stakeholder level.

These conditions give rise to an opportunity to identify governance requirements and to assess options. This is NOT a review of governance processes or evaluation of board performance against a best practice model.

Rather, it involves in depth research on the model and structures which best align with the approved organizational strategy and shareholder / stakeholder aspirations. This includes review of mandate documents such as the constitution or trust deed, an appropriate level consultation with stakeholders as well as strong change, project and risk management.

We are experienced in leading and performing such projects and also advising on and selecting good  Governance models and practices relevant to the strategic, sector and legislative context.   

Facilitated Board Self Assessments– Jeremy has extensive experience in facilitating Board self-assessments and also independent Board Evaluations. He will help you establish a fit for purpose process to ensure good director / trustee / Board engagement and a suitable governance model for performance benchmarking. The Board Chair is a key stakeholder and will sign off our engagement letter and provide support to manage the interface with the Board and communication of assessment findings and recommendations.

To find out more, contact us for a discussion of how we can help you.

Outcomes sought:

robust decision making

more effective governance & leadership

focused innovation & collaboration

strong risk management & resilience

Greater strategic foresight, growth & sustainability

active learning, health & wellbeing